SUA 3000I

SUA 3000I

  • Intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scaleable runtime. Ideal UPS for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other …


  • Includes: CD with software, Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable, USB cable, User Manual
Tricon Powers

Technical Specifications:


Power Capacity   2700 w
Topology  Line Interactive
Waveform Type  Sine Wave
 Nominal Output Voltage 230 V (220, 230, 240, User Selectable)
Output Frequency  47  53 Hz for 50Hz nomial. 57  63 Hz for 60 nomial.


Nominal Input Voltage  230 V (220, 230, 240, User Selectable)
Input Voltage Range for Main

Operation (Max Adjustable Range)

1996  285 V (160  286 V)
Input Frequency 40  60 Hz Auto selecting
Input Connection L+N+G


Battery Type  Maintenance Free Sealed Lead, Acid Battery with Suspended Electrolyte, Leak proof
Replacement Battery 12V/17Ah X 448 V


Maximum Height (in) 17
Maximum Width (in) 7.7
Maximum Depth (in) 21.5
Net Weight kg (lb) 116 KG


 UPS Warranty 1 Year Repair or Replace Warranty (No Burnt Warranty)
Batteries Warranty 6 Month Warranty

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