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Here at Tricon Powers, we specialize in the sales, service and installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS), Battery Systems and Power Quality Analysis. Our core business is the design, installation and maintenance of secure Power Protection Systems. Delivered by our trained engineers and support staff, we offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective service plans available ​- ensuring your power protection systems are expertly maintained on a regular basis and ready to support your business load.


We Provide a Wide Array of Sales, Support, & Services

Tricon Powers

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


Tricon Powers is not a vendor specific supplier. We supply, install and maintain UPS systems from different manufacturers such as APC, Eaton, Emerson, Real Power , Upsonic Power, Socomec, MGE

UPS Battery Replacement, Upgrade.


Tricon Powers supplies and fits batteries of all types into all models of UPS and secure Power Systems. We also offer quarterly UPS and battery maintenance/ service plans to ensure the reliability of the UPS.

Tricon Powers
Tricon Powers

Power Quality Analysis and RCD (Residual Current Device) Testing


Tricon Powers offers RCD Testing Services – which help to prevent fire incidents in the workplace due to appliance/wiring faults. We assist clients in ensuring their RCD’s are compliant and tested in line with the highest standard.

UPS Battery Load Tests


We offer battery load bank testing which ascertains the performance of the UPS and of the entire electrical supply infrastructure including Cabling, Switchgear, Generator and Fuses.

Tricon Powers
Tricon Powers


A Leading Service Provider for Your Everyday Needs!

We believe that in order to provide the best solution for you, YOU as a client will be involved in all communications, planning and preparations prior to services being carried out.
Tricon Powers employs both internal and external specialist teams whom are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We deliver the best electricians, engineers, IT professionals, sales consultants and support personnel to cater to your requirements.
Our engineers, skilled specialists and technicians conduct work играть в игровые автоматы бесплатно on site in a safe and organised manner – using proper OH&S procedures. SRA, JSA, MOP and PPE are always provided and available when any work is performed on site.

We aim to support our client’s requirements by delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable and premium solutions for their Power Back Up requirements.

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Our mission is to provide unrivaled Power Protection and create a safer workplace. Our philosophy of establishing healthy ongoing relationships with our clients, is how we best achieve this goal.
Tricon Powers

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